FTTH distribution box is our traditional product line. We designs and supply according to client's specified demand. We supply various FTTH box, from 2C to 144C. 

Its multi-layer design allows installers to access only the components necessary for initial installation of subscriber turn-up. It can house the splitter and allows for pigtail splicing of distribution/drop cables as needed. Suitable for wall mounting or pole mounting application.

Small size, light weight, pleasing in appearance
Can be installed on the wall with mechanical protective function
Optical fiber can be managed effectively
With strengthen device and fiber optic cable mounting seat
Capacity: SC 2 cores,LC 4 cores。Max capacity for SC 2 cores or LC 4 cores
Suitable for indoor wall mount

Design for FTTx. In the termination of residential buildings/villas, to fix and splice with pigtails.