Our Polishing film is manufactured with the most advanced super precise coating technique in the field, comprised: Mixing the precisely graded abrasive particles (such as diamond, aluminum oxide, silicon carbide, silicon oxide, cerium oxide and so on) with the advanced polymer material to form a slurry; Uniformly coating the slurry on the high strength film backing. 

We are always devoted to develop and apply a full range of new polishing products which are used in fields such as fiber optical connectors, computer, semiconductor, LCD, and automobile. We are committed to provide high quality precision polishing products. Besides, we also offer superior customer services on new product development, application research and technical support and so on. 

Apply specified mixing technique to ensure abrasive minerals uniformly coated on film 
Bond with high strength epoxy to provide long durability and exhibit a long life on film use 
High quality and excellent consistency 
High cutting rate as featured in solid polishing material such as sanding wheel, also reaches high polishing rate as using polishing slurry 
Good strength reaches good arc polishing effect 
Can be used for dry Polish, also for polishing used water or oil