Fiber optics stripper PR221004
A,  For stripping 250 micron buffer coating to expose 125 micron cladded fiber
B,  Second hole for striping 2-3mm fiber jackets
C, 140um diameter hole and V-opening in blade allows removal of 250 micron buffer coating from 125 micron fiber
D,  Pre-set at the factory – no adjustments needed
E,  Will not scratch or nick glass fiber
F,  Length:136.5mm, Weight: 71g
G,  PR221004  Miller Fiber Optic Stripper (Strips 250um)
     PR221004A  Dual Hole Stripper (Strips 250um or 900um)
     PR221004B  Tri-Hole Stripper (Strips 250um,900um,3mm Jacket)